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“I met Emily at a Cripps Barn open day and immediately felt that if I could trust anyone to do help me with make up (as someone who has barely worn make up before!) then it would be her. I contacted her nearer the wedding to ask to do a lesson and it was without doubt one of the best wedding-related (and non-wedding!) decisions I've made - a worthwhile investment for myself not just something for the one day! She made me feel so comfortable from the moment I arrived at her beautiful home, starting by listening to what I like and don't like (and helping me figure that out!), going through the make up I already have and then making suggestions for what she thought would work well for me for the wedding until I was happy with what we would try. She explained each stage of what she did, making sure I could see what she was doing and understand the techniques and tricks, and by partway through I became quite quiet because I was doing a double take everything I saw myself in the mirror! She honestly made me look stunning and most importantly FEEL like 'myself on a very, very good day, with something extra special' - which is exactly what I asked for. She made something that I've previously felt inadequate and self conscious about into a fun and enjoyable experience. It felt like saying goodbye to a friend by the end of it. Thank you Emily! I can't wait to try it out myself with the impressive dossier you sent over.” Cat

 “Not having changed my makeup routine in 20 years I was desperately in need of some help and advice. Emily provided both in a professional but fun and relaxed atmosphere. At the end of the session Emily had not only explained and demonstrated how to update my daytime look but how to create an evening look.

Two weeks on and I'm delighted with the results and have had several comments about great my complexion looks...  and I'm  loving my new look - thank you Emily for your gentle and encouraging approach.” Rebecca

"The make-up lesson was really informative. Before the lesson with Emily, I wasn't very confident with doing make-up and had no idea what all the products were / were for: I only used foundation, eye-shadow, mascara, and lipstick. Emily identified several products that would suit me best, what to look for in products, and how to use different products and various techniques. The guide was exceptionally helpful (and was sent to me the day after the lesson). I've just done my own make up, properly, for the first time and I'm really pleased! " Katherine

“When applying make-up my skills (thus far) have been adequate, and have done something over nothing. However, I remained envious of those women who seemed to really use make up to their advantage. An online search for 'make-up lesson gloucestershire returned a few hits that I looked into. Emily was neither the closest nor the cheapest option however I was attracted to her description of the lesson, particularly the part that involved examining and discussing my make-up bag. She was also among the few to reply promptly to emails. The lesson itself was splendid - parking options were plentiful (even on a busy day), her house was easy to find and in a lovely location, I felt very welcome and, at no point did I feel embarrassed or that I couldn't ask a question for fear of it being dumb. We used a mixture of Emily's kit and my own; it was very helpful to see what my make-up could achieve and to understand where changes could make a noticeable impact. Going in, I was undecided on whether to go for the step-by-step guide that Emily offered, I did so in the end and have just received a wonderful, 8 page document that goes through, in detail, everything we did and discussed on the day; it is well worth it. Overall, Emily was lovely and the lesson and guide were well worth the cost. Should any friends look into something like this she will have my strongest recommendation. “ Brittany

"Wow and thank you, I’ve come away from my make-up lesson with so much more knowledge and confidence! I thoroughly enjoyed my make up lesson with Emily; she immediately made me feel very welcome, relaxed and excited to learn. She talked through different brands, types of make up, showing and explaining some super tips and very simple techniques, which instantly improved my look. Previously I’d been quite intimidated by the large make up counters but now I feel I know what I’m looking for! We worked through the basics and created a simple and quick-to-implement day look and then moved on to, building up the look for when I wanted a little more, all the way through to an evening look with gorgeous elaborate eye make up. I very excited to start experimenting, now I understand how to apply make up better and what suits me."   Kerry

 “I spent a very relaxing and informative 2 hours with Emily for a one-to-one lesson. As a complete novice, I came away with a much
better understanding of which products would suit me best as well as knowing how to use the products I already have. I would highly recommend this session if you would like to know more about the products available on the market or how to update your look.” Amy

"I was lucky enough to be given a make-up lesson with Emily as a birthday present as I wanted to make a change with my make-up and find the best products which would last all day. Emily was extremely professional from start to finish and made me feel totally at ease. We first went through my make-up bag and Emily selected the products which she thought I could continue to use whilst also discussing which products I most wanted to change and why. When creating a daytime look for me, Emily kept all the make-up very natural and subtle which I loved and was brilliant at explaining the most effective ways to apply each product to give a flawless finish. For the evening look, Emily created an amazing smokey eye using products which were so effective and easy to use but which I would never have stumbled across on my own.    

The step-by-step guide Emily created for me has been invaluable since the lesson. It included a list of products and brushes which she thought would be useful additions to my collection, and if you think they're all expensive premium brands think again. She recommended two different foundations, one premium brand and one high street (giving me the colour matches for both), and she is great at advising you as to which products are worth spending that bit extra on, and which products you can save on and go for the off-the-shelf high street brands. I would thoroughly recommend Emily to anyone, whether for a make-up lesson or wedding make-up. I'm loving my new make-up and feel much more confident that I'm using the best products for me and applying them in the best way, and I know that if I have any questions Emily's there to answer them for me. Thank you Emily!"  - Fran 2017


" I by chance found Emily on the internet after looking for amake up lesson.  She was very efficient in her response including all the information and pricing for her services.  Everything ran to plan and I greatly appreciate the time and advice she has given me.  I am yet to practice this new look but following her comprehensive guide she has provided me with I am sure to give things a go and am looking forward to feeling more confident in experimenting with make up.  As this was the reason for seeing Emily, I think I can say I am 100% satisfied. - Deborah 2017

"As I am approaching 50, I decided it was time to treat myself to some professional make-up advice and booked in a one to one session with Emily.
Emilys relaxed and friendly style made the session both informative and enjoyable and was exactly what I was hoping for. She listened to my requirements and translated that into a very natural look, giving lots of tips and techniques that will enable me to vary the effect as required.
This, coupled with the detailed dossier of techniques and products she used on the day, means I now have everything I need to get practicing for a great new look! Thank you Emily - it took me decades to get around to getting some make-up advice but it was worth the wait!!! Vanessa - April 2017

"It was a pleasure to meet Emily and have a makeup tutorial. She steered me through what to buy and how to apply it very skilfully and hopefully saved me from being taken in by the advertisers and buying endless inappropriate cosmetics in the future! It was also really useful to be sent a written step by step guide to how to do it all myself with a shopping list. I can thoroughly recommend Emily to anyone wanting expert guidance with make-up, whatever age – wish I’d found her sooner!" - Pat - December 2016


“Emily taught me how to create smoky eyes beautifully so that I now feel confident to replicate a professional look on my own. She was also very knowledgeable about the latest products available and how little makeup I actually need on my face to create an even look. I’d highly recommend booking the private lesson and the write up service”  Sarah McAllister, Feng Shui Consultant  - September 2016


"As a birthday present for a ‘special’ birthday I was given a make-up lesson with Emily and what a wonderful experience it was!  Emily was really welcoming, friendly and informative.  She talked me through the look I wanted to achieve and helped me to understand how to make the best of my features.  She gave lots of helpful hints and tips for enhancing my look using my own products and made great recommendations for future purchases.  I would highly recommend a make-up lesson to refresh your look and her report of our session has been great in reminding me of the suggestions she made.  The experience has definitely boosted my confidence and enthusiasm to experiment with my look.  Thank you Emily." Heather - July 2016


"I went to see Emily as I felt unconfident with my makeup routine, which was basic at best, and I was not at all up to date with the different products available. Emily was so helpful in explaining which products were worth having (and which were not), going through my existing makeup and showing me how to apply them properly for a natural look. It was surprisingly easy to follow and  Emily also taught me a simple and quick routine that I could easily take my makeup from day to evening. I now feel fully confident to approach the makeup counters without wasting money and buying only what suits my colouring and skin type. " Nicola - September 2015.


"I would like to say a big thank you to Emily for making me feel confident in my own skin, I had a 2 hour make up lesson & thought the only way to look pretty was to pile on the make up, Emily is a breath of fresh air, she listens to your needs and caters a natural no make up look step by step, I have been applying my make up incorrectly for years and Emily has very simply shown me tips and tricks that have not only transformed my look but also my confidence. I can not thank you enough Emily, it was a pleasure to meet such a lovely, caring & laid back lady."
Zoe - November 2014


"I had a makeup lesson with Emily, with a focus on teaching me to do my own wedding makeup.  Emily clearly explained everything she was doing, and gave brilliant tips and tricks!  She looked at what was already in my makeup bag, and also gave product recommendations, and these were really helpful.  I had explained to Emily at the beginning that I had a fear of turning into a "fake orange Barbie", but I needn't have worried. The look she created was amazing!  Very natural, but special and I felt like a million dollars!  For someone with a fairly low self esteem, the subtle compliments that she gave throughout also boosted my confidence!  Whilst I have learnt all the tips and tricks I need, both to update my daytime look, and to do my own makeup on my wedding day, my one regret is that I didn't find Emily sooner and that some other lucky lass had already booked her on the date of my wedding!"
Katy - March 2014

"Having just had a baby, changing my hair back to brunette and finding myself past my mid-thirties, I started to become increasingly unconfident with my make up routine, technique and products.  I wanted a look that was natural with a slight youthful edge, which suited my colouring, features and age.  As a birthday treat, my morning make up session with Emily was fantastic.  Emily's friendly manner put me at ease and through her wealth of knowledge and experience I learnt a number of new techniques and was introduced to some great products.  Emily demonstrated the techniques so well I've been able to easily incorporate them into my daily routine, even with a baby crawling around my feet of a morning.  It was a great session.  Emily really listened to me, and I was very happy with the end look and felt fantastic.  I would highly recommend Emily for girly make up parties, wedding make up or for a one to one special up-date treat!"
Sarah - February 2014

"A wonderfully enjoyable and relaxing experience.  Having done both a group makeup course, with four of us all having our makeup done, with different colourings and ages was really enjoyable and fun all talking and being able to compare notes and then liking it so much that I later went on to book a one-to-one makeup session.  This was a 2 hour session with both everyday and evening wear makeup and various stages in between, also matching with dresses etc. for more formal events.

I loved the way Emily uses different products, not promoting just one brand and price level and also looking at your existing makeup bag to show you what really works well and also what would work with something she was using when doing your makeup. I highly recommend both courses."
Annette - November 2013

"I originally got in touch with Emily to do my wedding make up and after the trial run was so impressed I asked her to do a consultation for general make up.  I didn't wear much make up and was a bit overwhelmed as to what to do: Emily came to my house and explained everything very clearly.  She then provided me with an invaluable summary of how to do it myself as well as a list of what to buy. I now have the confidence to do it myself and can tailor it to suit any occasion. All in all the whole experience and service exceeded my expectations and I would recommend her wholeheartedly."
Suzi – January 2013.

"I would highly recommend a make up lesson with Emily.  She gave great hints and tips and transformed my look by giving me the confidence to use different products. Its great to be able to meet in the privacy of your own home and not be sold products by someone who just wants commission. Emily cares... she is a true professional!"  
Gillian – Feb 2013. 

“Emily is brilliant – she devised a natural make-up look and easy procedure for me that has transformed my whole day.  I have never been confident or have enough time to spend on my appearance, so a lesson with her has been the most useful thing I have done in years.  I can’t thank or recommend her enough.”
Julia - June 2011