Foundation Primers – A Makeup Essential?

Do you find that by the end of the day your foundation seems to have soaked into your skin and disappeared?  

Does your foundation collect in fine lines or dry areas and/or accentuate your pores? 

Really annoying BUT avoidable….. This is where a primer comes in – in my view an essential in everyone's makeup bag.



What is a Primer and what does it do?

Primers prepare and prime the skin ready for the application of your foundation/tinted moisturiser.      It can be also worn on its own.  If there was any makeup product I would suggest you invest in this month it would be a primer……



The benefits of Foundation Primers:

  • Forms a barrier between the skin and the foundation allowing the foundation to glide more smoothly onto your skin making sure that you have an even finish – no streaks.  Yeay!  
  • Absorbs oil in the skin creating a more matte finish – less powder at the end!
  • Evens out and improve/colour correct the skin tone.
  • Fills in any fine lines and pores allowing for a more natural finish.  No more cloggy makeup!
  • Makeup lasts longer and stays put!
  • Feels luxurious and velvety on your skin.
  •  Apply with your fingers – use less product.

How to Apply the Primer

Moisturiser – Primer – Foundation.

After applying your moisturiser.  Put a pea sized amount of primer onto your fingers and dot onto your forehead and down your t-zone and chin area.  Blend the primer evenly over your face using your fingers until your skin feels even and dry to the touch.  Avoid putting primer on the eye area (there are other primers for this!! – save for another blog!)  or just use the left over the pat gently over the eye area.  Wait for a minute then apply your foundation/tinted moisturiser in your usual way.


Which Primer to choose?

There are SO many different foundation primers on the market today.  It’s very confusing which one to choose.

Oil based products don’t mix well with oil free products (most oil free foundations contain silicone).  Follow these essential Primer rules to ensure that your makeup lasts longer: 

  •  Silicone/Oil Free Primers    - Use with Oil Free foundations/Tinted moisturisers
  •  Oil Based Primers              - Use with Oil based Foundations
  •  Water Based Primers         - Use with Water based Foundations - not so common